• Smartphone Usage in Emerging Asia

    Emerging Asia, Mobile | 23-Jun-2014

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    Audio rules over video in India and Indonesia with smartphone users in these countries preferring Music over Video apps, contrary to smartphone users in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, as per the latest ‘Smartphone Usage in Emerging Asia’ Report. A one of a kind multi-country report based on analysis from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and the Philippines, released by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, which collects actual usage data from panels in multiple countries, bringing to you an accurate understanding of smartphone behavior.


    • Overall Smartphone Usage: Understand how smartphone users engage with their devices across online and offline activities
    • App Installations: Get to know the number of apps being installed on to the smartphone each month
    • Browsing and Online Apps: Gain insights into the top online properties being used – via apps and browsers
    • Calls and Messages: Understand how Voice and Messaging is being used on the smartphone
    • Genre Deep Dive: A more detailed look into the usage of top smartphone activities
    • Chat
    • Social Networking
    • Games
    • Music and Video
    • Sports
    • Shopping
    • Banking and Financial Services and Mobile Payment
    • Data Consumption: Insights into consumption of data over mobile versus WiFi networks

    For any other query on this report contact:

    Zeeshan Adil - Zeeshan.Adil@nielsen.com or Prithvi Raj - Prithvi.Raj@nielsen.com


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