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    Consumer choice is now bigger in nearly all categories. The share of large brands is typically smaller than a decade ago and brands need ways to segment more deeply. For established players it’s about arresting this share fall, for new players it’s about stealing share – for both its about driving growth.

    Nielsen’s Consumer Profiles provide views’ of consumers you want to identify, understand and then reach. Meaning you don’t rely on too narrow a view of a prospective customer.

    Find out more about your consumers:

    - Who they are

    - Views and opinions

    - Interests and leisure

    - Media they use

    Choose a Consumer Profile (NZ$1,750) or a specific FMCG Brand Buyer Profile (NZ$3,250). Reports are available within three days of purchase.

    Select your consumer group based on demographics, psychographics, category or brand. Categories include:

    - Health

    - Automotive

    - Telecommunications 

    - Community

    - Employment

    - Finance 

    - Education

    - Culture

    - Leisure

    - Household Goods

    - FMCG Brands 

    Consumer Profiles draw on a database that is nationally representative, with a robust sample of 12,000 New Zealanders aged 15+.

    Download the free sample report today. For more information contact your Nielsen account manager or email nzaklmediahelpdesk@nielsen.com



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