• Global New Product Innovation Report - Q1 2015 - Vietnam Data

    Consumer, Global, Innovation | 28-Feb-2016

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    Why do consumers buy new products? What are their unmet needs? Maximize the success of your product launch by knowing your consumer, the market, and where you fit. Here we’ve published consumer survey results on new product purchasing intent and behaviors, to get you started on the right track towards best in class innovation.

    Survey data from online respondents’ purchasing intentions regarding new products. Nielsen’s Q1 2015 Global New Product Innovation Report and individual country results for Vietnam. The findings in the survey are based on respondents with online access and reflect claimed behavior.

    The Nielsen Global New Product Innovation Survey polled 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries to understand consumer attitudes and sentiments about the drivers behind new product purchase intent. It’s important to note that in the eyes of the consumer, not every product that’s new to them is new to the market. As such, for the purposes of this study, we define a new product as any item a consumer has never purchased in the past. We uncover the reasons for making a new product purchase, discover the types of products consumers want but can’t find, and detail the sources consumers use to learn about them. Finally, we provide insights into white-space opportunities with the greatest potential, and we identify strategies for increasing the odds of success.

    Structure of the Report Contents:

    This report package includes the Global Summary Report as well as the individual survey response results for Vietnam. The survey responses are presented in Microsoft Excel tables and do not contain charts, graphics or additional analysis.


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