• Global Sustainability Report - Q1 2015 - Malaysia Data

    Consumer, Global | 28-Feb-2016

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    Corporate sustainable practices are increasingly important to consumer purchasing decisions in recent years. What sustainable practices resonate with consumers? Our Global Sustainability Survey provides insight into sustainable issues consumers care about, and how retailers and manufacturers can show that they care.

    Survey data from online respondents’ purchasing intentions regarding sustainability. Nielsen’s Q1 2015 Global Sustainability Report and individual country results for Malaysia. The findings in the survey are based on respondents with online access and reflect claimed behavior.

    The Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability polled 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries to assess how sustainability impacts purchasing decisions.

    Structure of the Report Contents:

    This report package includes the Global Summary Report as well as the individual survey response results for Malaysia. The survey responses are presented in Microsoft Excel tables and do not contain charts, graphics or additional analysis.


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