• New Zealand Connected Consumers Report 2017

    AUD $3,624.50 (including GST)

    Over 3.4 million New Zealanders over the age of 15 access the internet on a weekly basis. They spend nearly 18 hours a week on average getting their digital fix and much of it via mobile and social media platforms. Therefore it’s important to know how Kiwis spend their time online, which platforms and devices they use, and what their key motivations are when connecting to brands in a digital environment. So what are some of the key trends coming to the forefront when we look at New Zealanders and their online activity? Find out more in the latest Nielsen New Zealand Connected Consumer Report.

    This year’s report covers:

    - Online Landscape
    - Mobile Connectivity
    - Paying for online content
    - Internet TV
    - Social media
    - Online advertising
    - Online shoppers

    The Nielsen New Zealand Connected Consumers Report is a one-of-a-kind industry tool to guide your business’ marketing and media strategy in alignment with today’s connected consumers. The comprehensive insights and data sets provide your business with a unique ability to identify core audience segments and deep-dive into their device and cross-platform content consumption and influences, and the way they interact with brands - so you can capture and maximise the opportunities of this increasingly connected consumer.