• Nielsen Australian e-Generation Report 2015

    Consumer | 04-Feb-2015

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    The Nielsen Australian eGeneration Report gives you the tools to understand the evolving pattern of kids and teens’ media consumption in this digital age.

    Here’s how this report will help you:

    • Know when, where and how parents are using connected devices to educate and entertain their kids
    • Understand how connected devices are influencing kids and teens to discover, engage or purchase product or services
    • Know if apps are really having an impact on kids and teens – and which apps they already use
    • Find out what really makes this consumer generation different to their parents
    • Gain insight into how 2-15 year olds are connecting and consuming content across screens, such as tablets, mobile phones, media players, games consoles and PCs/laptops
    • Understand interactions with social media, entertainment content and apps
    • See opportunities to start a journey with these consumers and your brand now… and into the future

    Last conducted in 2007 and now in its sixth wave, this report is a comprehensive study of the way Australian children and teens (aged 2-15 years) use and consider media, its role in their lives, and their rapid rate of adoption of connected devices during the past seven years. More importantly, uncover the opportunities that have emerged with the explosion of new connected screens and social media among this lucrative and influential young audience.


    Executive Summary

    • Meet today's connected kids and teens

    Study Aims, Background and Sample

    • Study aims
    • Overall approach and methodology

    Australian Kids and Teens,  Online Context and Background

    • The online market

    Consumer Technology

    • Consumer technology: The big trends and take-aways
    • Technology in the home
    • The mobile phone market
    • Smartphones: brands owned, used and operating systems
    • Methods of visiting online content / websites on a mobile phone
    • Mobile advertising
    • Tablet computers: brands owned / used 
    • Games console: brands owned / used

    Patterns of Online Behaviour

    • Patterns of behaviour: the big trends and takeaways
    • General online usage trends
    • Age when started using the internet
    • Internet proficiency 
    • Environment of internet access
    • Location (room) of home internet access 
    • Devices used to access the internet
    • Online access and devices used: by time of day
    • Ownership of the connected devices used by kids, teens and their patterns of usage

    Cross Media and Cross Screen Behaviour

    • Cross media and cross screen behaviour: the big trends and take-aways
    • General media consumption trends
    • The way online kids and teens watch TV
    • Internet TV viewing
    • Genre watched on internet TV
    • Genre watched on internet TV by format
    • Frequency of watching internet 
    • How online kids and teens watch Internet TV: screens and devices
    • Where kids and teens watch Internet TV
    • Consumption of media by time of day 
    • Simultaneous media consumption – Internet and TV (dual-screening and triple-screening) 

    Online Activities, Services & Content

    • Online activities, services and content: The big trends and take-aways
    • Australian kids and teens’ online destinations and activities
    • Education and information seeking
    • Communication
    • Entertainment and fun 
    • Rich media 
    • Social media, sharing and content creation 
    • Online shopping
    • The role of devices
    • Browser versus application (app) usage among mobile device users
    • A Focus on Parents - Usage and Attitudes

    A Focus on Parents - Usage and Attitdes: The Big Trends and Take-Aways

    • Time online: parents vs. kids and teens 
    • Connected devices used by parents 
    • Child’s influence on media and brand selection 
    • Child’s influence on household purchases 
    • Importance of media in child’s development 
    • Parental controls over Internet use 
    • Permitted activities on a mobile phone or tablet 
    • Kids and teens’ safe online practice 
    • Cyber bullying 


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