• Nielsen Cross-Platform Insights Series - Thailand | 2015/2016

    AUD $3,400.00 (including GST)

    Do you know which are the ‘moments that matter’ when connecting with the ‘always-on’ digital consumer in Thailand? Get a comprehensive view of the way they consume digital media across multiple devices and screens in today’s cross-platform environment. Dive into trend data to see shifts in media habits spurred by the accelerating adoption of mobile devices and the impressive growth in digital video viewing. Finally, understand how, where and when the content is consumed to optimise content creation, advertising, media planning and marketing budget allocation.


    -Executive Summary 
    -Background and Introduction
    -The Digital Landscape: Adoption, Audience Profile and Connected Device Ownership 
    -Cross-Media and Device Consumption Patterns
    -Video Content Consumption
         -Total online video consumption
         -Video on Demand (VOD): Watching TV and movies online 
    -Cross-Screen Engagement and Social TV 
         -Social TV and brand engagement
    -Appendices: Detailed Demographic Tables

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