• Thailand E-Commerce Landscape Report Q3’2015

    CONSUMER, online | 29-Jan-2016

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    The consumer market is now more fragmented than ever, and one of key channels emerged is e-Commerce. With its increasing importance, do you have enough insights to compete in this fast-paced battlefield? 

    Our Thailand e-Commerce Landscape report provides insights on what Thais do on the internet and how they shop online, covering…


    Scope of the study

    Executive Summary

    Online Shopping Behavior:

    • Most shopped categories online
    • Shopper spending on top categories
    • Device shopper purchase through
    • Online shopping device trend
    • Mobile shopping behavior
    • How they pay for online shopping
    • Triggers and barriers to online shopping
    • Takeaways

    Category Insights in Q3 '15

    Internet Behavior:

    • Who are internet users?
    • What device do they use?
    • Average frequency of usage
    • Average hour of usage
    • Top online activities and what people do online

    Online Shopping Behavior

    • Who are online shoppers?
    • Who are non-online shoppers?
    • What product they buy online?
    • Frequency and spending online
    • Deal purchase

    How they shop online?

    • Which device they purchase through
    • Benefit and drawback of each devices
    • How they make a payment?
    • How they pay online? (including breakdown in each categories)
    • Delivery method (including breakdown in each categories)
    • Benefits of each payment method
    • Trigger and barrier for online shopping
    • What shoppers want from online shopping?
    • What is the barrier?

    Mobile online shopping behavior

    • Who are mobile online shoppers?
    • Category bought via mobile phone
    • Mobile shopping behavior
    • Operating system of mobile

    Online market landscape

    • Medias that influence shoppers decision to choose the site

    Category insights: Fashion

    • Who are fashion shoppers?
    • Key retailers

    Category insights: Cosmetics

    • Who are cosmetics shoppers?
    • Cosmetic product bought
    • Source of website awareness
    • Key retailers
    • Trigger and barrier for buying cosmetics online
    • Reasons for not buying cosmetics online

    Category insights: Grocery

    • Who are grocery shoppers?
    • Grocery purchase behavior
    • How they buy grocery
    • Awareness of retailers online shopping website
    • Source of grocery website awareness
    • Key retailers
    • Grocery shoppers profile by retail
    • Popular product via online channel
    • Type of grocery bought by retail
    • Trigger and barrier for buying grocery online
    • Reasons for not buying grocery online
    • Who are body skincare online buyers?
    • Who are facial skincare online buyers?
    • Who are body skin cleansing online buyers?
    • Who are facial skin cleansing online buyers?
    • Cross purchase behavior

    Category insights: Quick service restaurant

    • Who are Quick service restaurant shoppers?
    • Quick service restaurant website awareness
    • Key retailers
    • Occasions for online order
    • Trigger and barrier for online quick service
    • Reason for not buying quick service online

    Category insights: Electric appliance

    • Who are electric appliance shoppers?
    • Type of electronics bought online
    • Key retailers
    • Trigger and barrier for electric appliance
    • Reasons for not buying electronics online

    Other categories

    • Key retailers: Entertainment
    • Key retailers: Computer software/application
    • Key retailers: Travel
    • Key retailers: Health product

    Who are shoppers?

    Internet banking user

    • Who are internet banking users?
    • Online banking behavior
    • Awareness of mobile/online banking
    • Source of mobile/online banking
    • Mobile/online banking conversion
    • Online banking bank used
    • Online banking activities
    • Trigger and barrier for mobile/online banking

    Data availability: Quarterly


    The study was conducted through online survey among 400 respondents (18 years old and above) in Bangkok and Urban Upcountry, during July 2015 – September 2015

    For more information, or to discuss our multi-country report packages, contact your local Nielsen representative or at email : Puree.Ackarapolpanich@nielsen.com


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